Who We Are At Thorin's

During his 25 year obsession with the renaissance festivals and lifestyle, Thorin quickly realized he was not satisfied with the quality of mass produced meads offered up in the American market. From the beginning, the core company values, as agreed on by the founding members, have been; education, quality of product, and ultimately the happiness of our patrons. Having brewed for the last 20 years and using family recipes, he is offered up some 12 different meads (two of which he is currently producing). Using only American sourced, and lab tested honeys, he strongly believes that a quality product is important. Thorin’s focus is a decent price for his friends. With this high production cost and a cheaply priced product, comes an immediate problem; expansion. As we are currently renting space, and constantly having to double production, there is no money to expand the company. This is where the campaign comes in. Creating a new facility will allow “Thorin’s Viking Mead” to flourish with the support of patrons like you.

If you ever get a chance to see him at an event, and read the runes on Thorin’s belt, the motto of the company and the mead are written there. “For the honor of my family, and the glory of my patrons.” The family is Thorin’s Norse forefathers, and his patrons of course are you. We have always been about word of mouth and historically accurate imagery from Scandinavian history. This allows Thorin to really get out and spend time with his patrons. For him, this is the most important part of this whole business.

“I still believe that the greatest part of the mead making experience, is not in the creation, but when you finally get to sit back and watch people smiling, laughing,and spending time with their friends.” -Thorin

There are several different things that the company is excited about doing once in their new facility. Some of the main goals of having our own meadery is the ability to have; classes, dinners, and the capacity to brew different meads and ciders. One of the most exciting parts of building this new meadery will be going green. Thorin and his team are enthusiastic about implementing new measures to ensure that rainwater and grey water are recycled for the production of an orchard attached to the vineyard. Thorin believes in providing for the land just as the land has provided him this opportunity. Furthermore, Thorin will use his new location to grow fruit trees for his meads. As the fruit trees grow, we will also be adding in our own hives for an estate.

To sum it up: We, who have an incredible product and some truly once in a lifetime experiences to share with you, are excited to offer these gifts and our heartfelt thanks for helping us make the dream come true.

If you're interested in having mead at your store, we are a two person delivery and mead making team with a limited range we are willing to deliver. All orders outside the Austin area have a minimum order requirement of four cases.

The Viking Crew

Thorne Stavinoha The Viking Thorin Wuthred (Thorne Stavinoha): The Viking behind the brew. His dream has spread across countless centuries, coming to fruition within the passed 5 years. Now he spends his time not pillaging, but keeping his adversaries in a drunken haze of merriment and feast.
Marijke Stevens Valkyrie The Goddess Valkyrie (Marijke Stevens): This worshiped goddess has blessed the viking with the knowledge of chemistry and law, allowing his brew to be incomparable to any other of its kind. All that set eyes upon this Valkyrie know that Valhalla is not far, and they drink their fill of the magic mead to go forth into honorable battle!